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IPhone XS launch imminent, customers line up at Apple stores across the world

New iPhone day is almost upon us.

The iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and Apple Watch Series 4 will launch on Friday, Sept. 21. And as usual, eager Apple fans are already lined up at Apple stores across the world to get their hands on one.

In Singapore, where the Orchard Road Apple store is set to open in just a few hours, there’s already a long (but organized) queue. People are sharing pictures and videos on social media to give others a glimpse of the hubbub.

People even waited all night in the rain for their chance to get a new iPhone.

And Singapore isn’t the only country with Apple fans. People are also lined up in Dubai and Berlin.

Maybe waiting in line isn’t your style; in that case you can always order an iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max online.

iPhone XS Series Models Now 0 Cheaper at Apple Retail Stores - MacRumors

And don’t forget, the iPhone XR goes on sale Oct. 26, with preorders starting Oct. 19.

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