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Greggs launches new salad-packed summer menu – but have the bakers gone too far this time?

THERE’s not one delicious pastry or sugar-laden item on the new summer menu from Greggs.

Of course, the bakery chain will still sell its much-loved  sausage rolls, bacon butties and jam-filled doughnuts, but it’s now focusing on “lighter” options.

Mmm green juice! The ‘zesty’ juice from Greggs has 105 calories and costs £1.75. It includes apple, celery, kiwi fruit, kale, spinach and lime juice

Cheese, tomato and basil pasta salad. It contains 328 calories and costs £2.85

The new ‘fruity roots’ juice contains apple, orange, carrot, pineapple and ginger

It’s all part of its switch to attract new customers, in particular, those who want healthier options.

This includes not one but three “cold press” juices, which sound super fancy and are contain one of your five-a-day.

They have between 98 and 108 calories each and cost £1.75 and are designed to appeal to fans of the raw food trend.

Last month, The Sun Online revealed Greggs was adding low-calorie salads to its shelves and they make up much of the new menu.

These include a coconut, lime and chilli chicken salad, as well as a new cheese, tomato and basil pasta salad.

All the new salads are under 400 calories and cost £3 each.

Other items include a coconut chilli chicken wrap, which is topped with roasted veg, couscous and pearl barley and costs £2.60. Greggs classes this as an “exotic” option.

When you think of Greggs you don’t really think of leafy green salads and wholesome grains…but the bakery’s bosses are trying to change that

The ‘juicy beet’ juice has a blend of apple, raspberry, beetroot, pear and lemon juices

The coconut lime and chili chicken salad has 220 calories

While its egg mayonnaise, sunblush tomato and spinach baguette also costs £2.60 but waistline watchers should beware as it has a whopping 586 calories.

In February, the chain opened its first ever “healthy” shop in New Cross Hospital in Wolverhampton.

It focuses on selling soups, salads and porridge pots, rather than the pastry favourites.

Don’t fear, sausage roll fans will still be able to get their fix

One of the new menu items… a chilli coconut wrap

The egg mayonnaise, sun blush tomato and spinach baguette is now also on the menu…with a whopping 586 calories

But whether the new leafy and green items are success, only time will tell.

In March, Greggs’ boss said that it sold more sausage rolls last year than any other items, while its frothy Italian latte coffee was the third bestseller.

I can’t see the bakery chain turning its back on pastry just yet though, thankfully.

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